“I believe in freedom of the mind. I believe freedom of the mind is something shared.”

“When we invest in ourselves & learn new perspectives, we unlock our freedom of thought. Unlocking this freedom allows us to master our own lives. Do you want to become the master of your life?” Shay


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#6 – How to double your productivity

#5 – How to stop opinions influencing your life

#4 – Make yourself believe in yourself

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Shay Doran is an award winning, world explorer. His journey has enabled him to learn from the greatest minds on our planet.

From living with humble monks in the high Tibetan plateau, & tribal communities in remote parts of Namibia, to learning from leaders of the E7 & completing global expeditions. Shay has spoken alongside top CEO’s & with companies such as Google & Walt Disney.

His mission is to share these tools, methods & fascinating ways of thinking, with a global community of incredible individuals. Each connecting & supporting one another to achieve freedom of the mind. “Together we become the masters of our own lives.” Shay



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